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Neptune quincunx Sun

Ignored Your Needs

Kelli Fox

It's not that your lover meant to dump on you. It's just that you were so adaptable and dreamy that it was easy to forget that you were a human being too, with problems of your own. So your dynamic lover, so in touch with his or her own needs and feelings, tended to hog all the bandwidth, and your issues went unresolved and undiscussed.

Yes, yes, it didn't come naturally to you to ask for equal time. But this relationship was pointing towards a problem you face in every aspect of your life, and turning your back on it didn't help you learn anything.The key for you would have been learning to balance your own needs with that of others. It's fine, sweet even, to spend lots of time caretaking your loved ones. But you needed to find a way to advance your own projects and nurture your emotional self as well. Perhaps some sort of rudimentary schedule was needed? Tuesdays and Thursdays were days to spend with your lover, but Mondays and Wednesdays were your time? Whatever sort of compromise you were able to work out would have helped you learn the art of balance, and not just with your significant other. You can be sure that more learning opportunities will present themselves.

Neptune quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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