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Neptune opposite Jupiter

You Were In Denial

Kelli Fox

You've often chosen inappropriate partners, ignoring such stumbling blocks as mismatched values and beliefs, or a wide gap in age. And, once again, you found yourself with someone very different. Yet you didn't see it.

You hid your head in the sand, preferring to believe in your lover's mythical infallibility rather than seeing things as they really were. Were there problems you ignored? Were there issues just under the surface? It was easier for you to live in a fantasy than deal with reality, but this time that little trick didn't work for you. And the crutches you typically utilized didn't work either.The key for you involved carefully examining your relationship and your own motives for being where you were. Was there something you were avoiding by pouring energy into your relationship? Was there a responsibility you were not tending to? Once you had known your own motivations, you could have more carefully sussed out your lover's -- and brought your rather insubstantial pairing into a place that was more solid, real, and dependable. There was a relationship waiting for you on the other side of this adjustment period if you hadn't lost heart and given up on it. Now you'll have to start from scratch, developing your newfound skills.

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