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Mercury square Uranus

Unstable, but Interesting

Kelli Fox

There's an old Chinese proverb that goes like this: 'May you live in interesting times.' On the surface it seems like a blessing. But you of all people could confirm that it can also be a curse. This partner who claimed your heart was exciting all right -- and completely unpredictable.

You would come home at night to find that your lover changed the curtains in the living room or, oh, changed careers and made plans to move to Antarctica. You like excitement as much as the next person, but that was ridiculous. You two had a lot of trouble managing the day-to-day problems, because who had time to figure out what day to visit Uncle Fred in the hospital when you were arguing over giant life-changing issues?But you needed to roll with it if you wanted to make this thing work. You couldn't ask for stability from a live wire. Instead, you could have just enjoyed the passion and intensity that was the silver lining of the rather dramatic life you chose. You may not have had quiet nights snuggling on the sofa, but you would have had the kind of love relationship that made for great stories -- and great highs.

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