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Mercury square Sun

There Was A Language Barrier

Kelli Fox

You were mystified with the problems plaguing your relationship, and there was a reason why: Your buttons were getting pushed! Remember, you were a great communicator, blessed with a silver tongue and an ease with words. Never one to keep your feelings bottled up inside, you had always been able to work out problems by talking them out.

But sometimes it was like you and your lover were speaking a different language. You started out trying to have a productive discussion about your issues, and suddenly it turned into a fight. You began shouting at each other, and the next thing you knew, you weren't speaking at all. The silence stretched out as both of you refused to give in. And as soon as it was all over the cycle started again. If you only two knew then what you were giving up by walking away, you would have both thought twice about abandoning your mate. Though you both made a mess of things, you and your sweetie could have been bringing out the best in each other. Tackling your issues head on -- putting aside time to calmly talk through things -- this would have been a big help, and is good to remember for next time. You need to be the peacemaker; tell your lover how much your relationship is worth to you.

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