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Mercury square Saturn

The Smart Set

Kelli Fox

You were never a model of serene stability, but in this relationship your jitters were near-constant. Were you sleeping poorly? Eating junk food, or almost nothing at all?

Craving cigarettes and other illicit substances? And hey, how were those dreams? Deep inside, you knew; Your love life had been going downhill for some time, and there was a reason. You chose yourself a lover who could meet you eye-to-eye intellectually, but who was a bit chilly. Whereas you reached out to the world with a rather playful and impish warmth, your lover was rather stern. If you were in a sitcom, you would have been the bratty little brother and your sweetie would have been the grouchy dad in the La-Z-Boy.On the plus side, your lover provided you with plenty of stimulation on every level. Much was demanded of you, and you had to work hard to deliver. This polished you, like a rock eroded by a powerful river. No one ever said growth was fun! And grow you did, though you remained insecure as to where your relationship was going. You were well-placed for the future if you could have engaged in meaningful communication.

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