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Mercury square Pluto

Were You Jealous?

Kelli Fox

Yikes! Your love relationship was a rather tense place to be. Your partner may or may not have been playing a little footsie with someone else.

Whether it went all the way was unclear, but what was crystal clear was the tension it caused. Pockets were gone through. Emails were intercepted. Phone bills were pored over. It was all so tedious and tacky, wasn't it, two lovers treating each other like enemy agents instead of best buddies? Yet the friction kept erupting. Both of you analyzed just about everything the other said and did, seeking hidden meanings. Was that argument really over who was doing the laundry, or was it about something deeper?The key was to chill out, Sherlock. The problem at the root of all this instability was your insecurity, coupled with your partner's secretiveness. Take these words to heart: no one who's happy strays. If you wanted to hold on to the one you loved, you had to be the kind of person you'd have liked to come home to. Not demanding and blustering and questioning; but the easy, lively you that you were when you were running on all your cylinders. You would have seen very shortly that your lover was wooed by your wiles alone.

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