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Mercury square Mercury

Opposites Attracted

Kelli Fox

This relationship wasn't easy from the beginning, and frankly, it's a wonder you made it as far as you did. You and your lover lacked common ground. You had different beliefs and attitudes -- you two might have adhered to different political affiliations, or didn't share common views on morals and ethics.

In any case, your differences of opinion drove you apart. You started out in a friendly debate, but as both of you yakked and yakked away you ceased to listen to each other. You felt you were constantly being interrupted, as if you couldn't get your words out. You didn't see eye-to-eye, and it seemed like you never would. Perhaps you were a little quick to turn your back on this sweetie. While it's true that things were sometimes strained between you, there was much potential for your future. Though it was hard for you to understand each other, you could have kept working on it. In your heart of hearts, you shared more than you realized. Had you kept on talking and tried to listen, heard the intent behind the words as well as what was being said, you could really have brought out the best in each other. Supportive communication will be an important feature of your next relationship, too.

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