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Mercury quincunx Venus

Time Crunched

Kelli Fox

Friends didn't seem so friendly for the pair of you -- it's likely you had a lot of friction around the issue of pals. You would have liked to spend evenings at home or spend your spare time in pursuits that broadened the mind; your lover, on the other hand, just seemed to want to hang out. All the time.

With just about anyone. With people, in fact, who's friendship you would have preferred not to spend one iota of free time cultivating. Both of you wished the other would bend, and what's worse is that neither of you seemed to communicate your feelings about such matters in a way the other understood. What you needed to make this work was more alone time together, and your sweet companion was more than willing to schedule special dates for you. You could have taken up an activity together that you'd both have enjoyed -- perhaps something like a dance class, or a course in sensual massage for couples, anything that would have gotten you to slow down long enough to enjoy yourself as well as book a slot in your lover's busy schedule. More harmony more of the time would have helped you both to sing in tune.

Mercury quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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