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Mercury quincunx Uranus

The Price You Paid

Kelli Fox

You weren't willing to pay the price for this one. This was one love relationship that was neither free nor easy. Let's start by sweating the small stuff, shall we?

It felt like you and your lover didn't speak the same language. You had difficulty understanding each other's issues and respecting each other's limits. Worse, both of you allowed your love of variety and novelty to get the better of you. The relationship felt fleeting and unstable, as if either of you could choose to flit off with another at almost any given moment. Not very restful, was it? If you were going to stay where you were, you were going to have to make some concessions and compromises. First of all, you had to tame your rampaging libido. Flirting with others wasn't going to get you what you wanted from your lover, even if it was fun to tweak their insecurities. Secondly, you were going to have to figure out a way to live with the occasional instability. This relationship may have never settled into contentment. But you were never one for calm anyway -- a good thing to know, no? If you had accepted this relationship with flaws intact you would have been well-placed for the future.

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