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Mercury quincunx Sun

It Was A Rocky Road

Kelli Fox

There was so much to recommend your amour: kindness, generosity of spirit, integrity, honesty. Your loved ones may have told you that you really made a catch: Here was someone who could have gone the distance with you. Here was someone who deserved your love.

So why did you find yourself restless and bored? It felt as though the very qualities that first attracted you to your mate later turned you off, pushed you away. You saw arrogance where you once saw confidence, hardheadedness where you once saw drive. Pity your poor ex-lover: It was you who changed and demanded something your lover couldn't give. You needed to sort out your priorities. Where were you going? What were the steps you needed to take in order to get there? And where did your mate fit into the picture? If there was no future between you, the kind thing was to cut your lover loose. But if there was a future, you should have let your lover in on your dreams and ambitions. You could have built so much together if you were just willing to work a little harder.

Mercury quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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