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Mercury quincunx Saturn

This Was Not a Dress Rehearsal

Kelli Fox

Remember when you were a kid and you misbehaved and your parents would lecture you? They'd rant on and on until you wanted to jump out a window. Did you feel a bit of deja vu with your partner?

Your sweetie was more like a teacher (or yeah, a parent) than an equal, and it bugged you. You didn't like anyone telling you what to do, or more importantly, what not to do. You chafed under the surveillance, and ended up wriggling away altogether. After all, you signed up for a love relationship, not life lessons.But hold on there, impulsive one. This was not one of those tissue-paper relationships you could just toss away without thinking. This was something solid, something real, and the only reason your lover tried to guide you was concern. You were loved and looked after; so many people would have wanted to be in your shoes. You needed to stop rebelling like the kid you once were. Instead you should have buckled down and started delivering your very best. Only then would you have made both the most of yourself and of a relationship that was irksome simply because it was so challenging.

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