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Mercury quincunx Pluto

Tweaked Insecurities

Kelli Fox

Your powerful, intense lover turned you on, all right. So much so that you wondered who else has hot pants for your One. Where did your lover go when away from you?

What were all those numbers programmed into your sweetie's cell phone, anyway? Who else had their greedy little eyeballs on your special someone? Thus ran your paranoia, and your secretive lover didn't give you a whole lot of reassurance, either. When you screwed up the courage to question, you were made to feel ridiculous. Or worse, your lover split, vowing to return when you were acting rationally. But how could you have acted rationally in the face of your overwhelming jealousy? This was a tough nut to crack, because your insecurities melded with your lover's tendency to withhold both information and affection. And your own tendency to want to talk things out didn't work. Instead, you had to try marshaling your independent streak. Your lover was partial to head games, so if you wanted to stay where you were, you should have played a few. Acted like you were calm and collected, and soon not only would you have felt that way but your lover would have behaved better too.

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