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Mercury quincunx Neptune

Different but Equal

Kelli Fox

Had your ex-love been a dining table, it would have been one of those long mahogany jobbies you see in the movies about awkward rich people. You were at one end, your lover was at the other, and between you stretched a vast, unnavigable distance. You didn't meld.

Conversations lagged. You didn't understand each other, and sometimes it was difficult to see why you were bothering with each other at all. You stayed because there was a great, overwhelming attraction you felt for your partner. What a charmer! Dreamy and optimistic, compassionate and mysterious; to spend time with your lover was to be enthralled, not turned off by the chasm between you. So, if you wanted to be with this lover, why did you agitate so much over the differences between you? Yes, yes, you lacked commonality in many areas, but who said that one person had to be everything to their lover? If you'd wanted to make this work, you could have sought out simpatico pals for the activities your lover would rather skip. You shouldn't have demanded your gentle sweetie keep up with you socially; instead, you needed to spend plenty of time alone, just experiencing your love as it came instead of dissecting it with your fierce intellect.

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