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Mercury quincunx Mars

Stimulating Discourse

Kelli Fox

Other people envied you and your lover, because the two of you were equally lively and bright and seemed so well-matched. You were a sparkling power couple, both blessed with magnetism and drive. But those jealous of your pairing weren't on the inside and thus didn't see the problems.

In truth, you and your sweetie had trouble finding common ground. Though you stimulated each other mentally, sometimes all the stimulation turned into irritation. You found it difficult to relax with each other, to go easily into that good night. You may have had a lot of friction, or just a lot of awkward silences. The key lay in de-emphasizing your differences and playing up what you shared in common. You both had an interest in politics, current events, debating controversial issues. You should have tried to focus on these types of topics when you were with your sweetie, rather than devolving into discussions into what was wrong with your relationship, conversations which had a way of turning sour fast. Oddly enough, if you had ignored your problems in favor of just enjoying one another's company, your problems would have dwindled, and eventually disappeared. Strange, but true.

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