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Mercury opposite Venus

There Was Much to Gain

Kelli Fox

It's not that either of you meant to be unkind -- it was just that it seemed so hard to understand each other at times. You were all logic and reasoning; your sweetie was all sensual good living. It was hard to find a place in the middle, as attracted as you felt to your delicious mate.

Your lover may have viewed you as cold and unemotional, while you may have be impatient with what you viewed as your lover's laziness and oversensitivity. You got sick of catering to your sweetie's emotional whims. You felt like you needed air. You were tired of intending no harm yet causing offense. And you were sick of being pressured to share in your mate's whirlwind social life.The answer was compromise. Your lover was very different than you, and there was something to learn from that as well as much to gain. You could have let your lover's sweet, loving nature be a balm on your soul. Or learned from your mate how to connect more deeply with others, and tried to be more accepting of what you viewed as shortcomings. There was much here of value; hopefully you didn't throw it away without deep, deep thought.

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