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Mercury opposite Uranus

There Was Fun Fun Fun

Kelli Fox

In the mornin', in the evenin', didn't you have fun? Yes indeedy you did, but it was not pushing you to meet your goals one little bit. You and your lover had lots in common -- friends, interests, a great sense of humor.

And thus you had a great time together. It was all fun and games. On the other hand, it was all fun and games. Together you were more likely to just hang out than get anything done. The laundry languished, the dishes stacked up, and more importantly, worked stalled on a much higher level. Your career was stagnant, and how long had it been since you'd done anything creative?In a very real way, you and your lover were such a potent pairing that you allowed yourself to just get lazy and enjoy yourself. To make it work, the solution might have been to team up. Search for some projects you could have tackled together. Were there classes you could have taken? New interests you could have immersed yourself in together? Surely you had ambitions in common. You needed to allow your stimulating lover to stoke your fires in another realm of your life besides the physical. Together the two of you had potential to accomplish much, and could have had a great time doing it.

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