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Mercury opposite Saturn

What a Downer

Kelli Fox

Just one question: Was it uncomfortable in that niche your lover squished you into? You were a person of big dreams and plans, a little grandiose, maybe, but you did manage to make at least some of your ambitions come to fruition. But whenever you started to talk over your heart's desires with your lover you got squelched.

'Oh, you'll never do that.' 'That's ridiculous.' 'No one would want to buy that.' Sound familiar? Your so-called sweetie tended to see you as flighty and flaky, and related to you more like you were a silly child rather than an adult to be taken seriously.It got so you were more apt to share your feelings with someone else besides your loved one, and that should have been a big red flag. The more you got personal with someone else, the more you were tempted to stray. So if you were happy where you were, you needed to let it show; not let your dour lover get you down. A better tactic would have been to laugh and play and lighten your sweetie up. There was a solid source of support waiting for you if you guys could have called a truce in your power struggle.

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