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Mercury opposite Neptune

Yours Was a Sweet Mismatch

Kelli Fox

Are you sitting down? Here's a newsflash: Your lover saw you as a great big wet blanket. Here your sweetie trusted you to be the repository of their most heartfelt of dreams and hopes, and you swooped in with your great grasp on reality and crushed their dreams like an ant under a workboot.

It hurt. It was mean. And yet you couldn't seem to stop doing it, even though you knew you were misbehaving. Your lover was sweet, optimistic and certainly stuck on you. But all the drifty dreaminess drove you mad. Meetings went awry, conversations drifted off -- how many hours did you spent waiting for your late-again lover to show up?The problem was that you and your sweetie were not particularly well-matched. You were brisk and clever, while your partner was slower and more inspired by emotions than intellect. The key to peace between you was your acceptance of the fact that your way was not the only way. You got things done well and efficiently, but you didn't always stop to smell the flowers. You could have learned more about yourself even as you settled into a delicious dalliance, if you had allowed your lover to show you the delights of a less driven life. Something to keep in mind for tomorrow.

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