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Mercury opposite Mercury

The Bicker Twins

Kelli Fox

Bicker bicker bicker, bitch bitch bitch -- it was a good thing you and your sweetie had each other, because no one else could stand you. The pair of you were quick to pick fights, even quicker to find fault, or blame each other for what was going wrong. And then both of you laboriously explained your point of view, blissfully unaware that your partner was just waiting for you to shut up so they could get a word in.

You may have found you had many arguments related to time, or agreed-upon details: How many times did your lover botch a plan to meet up somewhere? And how furious were you each time it happened? Your endless minor disagreements delivered zilch in the way of furthering your relationship. In fact, they served to drive you apart, since both of you were apt to say any old thing that came into your head when you were angry, turning a fight about dishes into a full-scale war. However, the news didn't have to be all dire. You and your dearest did have quite the stimulating relationship. You were never bored. You could even have been happy together, if you had learned to give each other equal time on the microphone. If you had started listening as much as you talked, you'd have seen the friction dial down.

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