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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Big Talkers

Kelli Fox

Yakkity yak yak. That was you and your sweetie, big ol' gasbags full of opinions and thoughts and plans and musings, but very little in the way of real understanding of each other. You started out with the intention of working out your problems -- but before too long, a discussion of something personal turned into an exchange of philosophies, and then likely an argument that continued into the night.

On your part, you got annoyed with your lover's grandiose dreams and rather tenuous grasp on reality, while your lover often saw you as nitpicky and harsh, the emotional equivalent of a big bucket of water poured on their parade.Though it may have seemed that you were swimming in circles, you were actually on a fairly direct path to settled bliss. You and your lover brought out some very interesting qualities in each other. You egged each other on, revved each other up. Though you could get PO'd with each other, all the friction was just as likely to turn you on. And face it -- to you the only fate worse than a tumultuous relationship was a boring one.

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