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Mars square Sun

Where There's Smoke

Kelli Fox

You smelled smoke, didn't you? Because you and your lover were a potent -- some would say dangerous -- combination. At best you were proverbial partners in crime, both blessed with a verve and drive that propelled you through life with the force of a bullet shot out of a gun.

At worst, you were deadly enemies. You irritated each other, egged each other on to new heights of ego and unreason. Both of you performed for each other -- I'm the most powerful! No, me! There was constant friction between you as both of you fought for the upper hand. Even something as small as choosing what to eat for dinner, or what movie to see, became a battle. Your friends dreaded being around the pair of you because you were so warlike at times. At worst, one or both of you could be abusive. If you had wanted to keep this connection, the answer was in dialing down your competitive streak, neither baiting your lover, nor rising to bait. Consciously and conscientiously trying to calm down and consider your words and actions would have helped a lot. Instead of reacting impulsively you could have tried slowing down and thinking carefully about your ultimate goals, not just your emotions in the moment. With a little more care and attention, your relationship could have swung from a constant battle to a sparkling idyll. You bring energy to every relationship; the question is always how do you use it?

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