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Mars square Mercury

Like and Earthquake

Kelli Fox

Nervous intensity was at the center of your relationship, and it was an awfully shaky ground to build upon: emotional quicksand instead of solid, dependable rock. You often found yourself furious with your lover, who blurted out the worst things at the most inopportune moments (and like as not in front of the worst people -- it was best to keep this lover away from your boss!). Too often were you wounded with the unvarnished truth; unfortunately, you were apt to discount what your lover said instead of taking helpful hints on board.

The smallest issues seemed to erupt into big arguments; the two of you misunderstood each other's intentions and actions. But it didn't have to be all bad news. The reason your relationship lasted as long as it did was because you could bring out good qualities in each other. The competitiveness simmering under the surface kept things interesting, sparkling. There was an energy between you that couldn't be denied. You should have tried approaching each situation with calm, talking slowly and listening more. Had a little cool breeze blown into your relationship, it might have been easier to relax rather than react impulsively. You won't make the same mistake next time.

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