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Mars quincunx Venus

It Was A Puzzler

Kelli Fox

There was something odd about your relationship. Something didn't quite work; the pieces didn't fit together. What was it?

Was one of you more committed than the other? Did one of you have desires to stray? Something went wrong, and you were going to have to look at the problem truthfully if you were ever going to solve it. It's likely that the mismatch of intentions or emotions caused some friction between you. You may have felt as if you couldn't talk to your lover truthfully; as if you kept misunderstanding each other. You couldn't see clearly; you didn't know where your lover was at. Making it through your rough patches would have required both sacrifice and compromise. You were hoping to keep on keeping on the way you had been, blasting through life and love with ambition and speed. But this relationship required more in the way of introspection and calm. You had to be willing to give in to your lover in some areas. Giving a little more would have guaranteed that you got more in return, as both you and your lover relaxed into partnership rather than rubbing each other the wrong way. It is possible; next time you'll try a little harder!

Mars quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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