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Mars quincunx Uranus

Live Wire

Kelli Fox

Did your lover have the roaming eye? Were those butterflies of suspicion in your belly? Or were you just all worked up over what you imagined to be the truth?

The main problem in your relationship was that you, in your haste to activate your attraction, chose to grab on to a live wire. Your partner had a history of tumult, of disruptions, of passionate but unreliable love affairs. You got excitement to spare, but you missed the security and calm you gave up to follow your lover thither. You may have felt as if you were doing all the giving while your lover did all the taking, or as if you were far more attached to this relationship than your sweetie was. Sorry: Even with all your force and drive and might, you could never have harnessed this hurricane. Your lover would have continued to shake things up, to be quicksilver rather than a rock. You may have worried about infidelities, and you certainly wouldn't be getting any balm for your insecurities. So what did you have? A hot, hot lover who was so enthralling that it was worth the shaking-up, at least for a while. If you had wanted this to continue for longer, the key would have been to stop demanding what you couldn't have, and just hang on and enjoy the ride -- it was a stunner.

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