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Mars quincunx Saturn

Lots of Pain, Little Gain

Kelli Fox

It's not that you didn't love your sweetie, it's just that you found your dearest one to be a pain in the butt. While you were courageous and fearless, wanting only to go and do and strive, your lover was like a big bucket of cold water on your hot impatience. You were reminded of unpleasant realities, and not diplomatically, either.

You were often made to feel like a silly child, rather than a competent adult. And inside you felt like a rebellious teenager, wanting to stand up to the strictures your sweetie placed on you, and break out of the box you were enclosed in. If you were really in love with your lover and determined to continue, you both had to be willing to pay the price. You had to cool off a bit, become more of a listener and thinker and less of an impulsive doer. Your lover, on the other hand, should have stopped squelching your ideas wholesale, and learned to be more supportive and loving. Together you could have created a great big beautiful grownup relationship, but only if you stopped wasting your energy on strife and started channeling it into positive directions.

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