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Mars quincunx Mars

It Was Grating

Kelli Fox

For two people supposedly in love, you certainly rubbed each other the wrong way. Grouse and bicker, grouse and bicker -- you sounded like ill-tempered siblings, not like lovers at all. You couldn't seem to make things run smoothly no matter how hard you tried.

There were misunderstandings galore; you zigged when your partner zagged, your lover wanted time together when you craved solitude. And the impatience and frustration you both felt with each other wasn't making anything any easier. Why was it you seemed to blurt out the absolutely worst thing to say at exactly the worst moment? Were you acting without thinking, or were you acting out your resentments? This relationship was a difficult nut to crack, but it was not necessarily DOA. If you had truly loved each other, you should have acted like it; made a conscious effort to be kinder, more understanding, less demanding. You should have taken care to communicate your needs and feelings gently, rather than raising your voice. You needed to give your lover plenty of freedom and give yourself some 'me' time too. This relationship did not flow as naturally as some, but there was plenty to gain if you were willing to put in the work.

Mars quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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