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Mars opposite Sun

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Kelli Fox

Powerful, intense, lusty, hot -- if these words don't remind you of your connection to your ex, something went seriously wrong. You were quite a pair, you two, both strong and sensual, fearless and compelling. You admired your lover's fierce ideals and honesty, but what kept you coming back for more was the incredible physical attraction between you.

It was so hot it was scorching, and you could scarcely believe how much pleasure you found in your lover's arms. On the other hand, it seemed you were constantly drawn into power struggles. Your lover demanded too much, and battled with you over small things. Decisions both large and small were fraught with inappropriate emotions. At worst, you both make decisions based on what would give you the upper hand over your partner, rather than considering what was right for you as a couple. The key to successfully managing your connection would have been calming down the competition between you. You would never have sung sing in sweet harmony, but you could have learned to work together rather than tearing each other apart. Only then would your love have transformed from blistering and painful to deliciously warm.

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