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Mars opposite Saturn

Out of Sync

Kelli Fox

Boy, were you two out-of-sync. You were that annoying couple at the party who couldn't stop bickering over every little thing. You accused your partner of being too pessimistic, too serious, too stuck in the mud.

Your lover, on the other hand, found you bossy and overbearing. You disagreed over money. You didn't approve of each other's career choices. And worst of all, your pairing brought out the greedy, grasping side of both of you, making it possible that one or both of you remained in the relationship merely to gain or hold on to money or status instead of true love. But there's always an other hand, and yours was one with promise. You had the wisdom to choose a partner who was, as you accuse, serious -- but in the best possible way. Your lover was solid and and down-to-earth, and very very worthwhile, had you only found a way to cool off the antagonism that drove you two apart. Suggestion for next time? Stop finding fault in others. Focus on the qualities and dreams you share, rather than your differences. This will give you a relationship that will be a challenge, but the rewards will be more than worth the work.

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