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Jupiter square Sun

Strutting Peacocks

Kelli Fox

What a couple of strutting peacocks you and your lover were! And like peacocks, you were magnificent, impressive, admired -- and rather disagreeable at times. Both you and your lover tended towards the big and bold.

More was more for the pair of you, as you spent exorbitant amounts of money, time, and energy on the good life. The pair of you did everything in a big way, creating a display that was dazzling but death on your inner lives. You spent too much time trying to impress each other and outsiders, and the result was the Yorkshire pudding of relationships -- all gorgeous and golden on the outside, nothing but hot air on the inside.What would have brought balance back to this relationship was paying more attention to life's bread-and-butter issues. Making sure responsibilities were taken care of before the fun started. Not taking each other for granted; instead, checking in with each other often to make sure everything was on track. Curbing your tendencies for extravagance and indulgence, and turning your energies towards what really mattered: family, friends, a happy home life, and each other. There was a lot of warmth and energy between you, all you needed was time to appreciate it.

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