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Jupiter square Mercury

Parent and Child

Kelli Fox

Nag, nag, nag. You could hardly blame your lover for turning off -- your needle was stuck in a groove, and you were running over the same script again and again. Was it by design that you fell into being the bad-guy parent, the scolding teacher?

Or did it just somehow happen, with you viewing your restless, hard-to-pin-down lover as a great big blank canvas for you to paint on? You bagged yourself a remarkable sweetie, who was a good match for you. You enjoyed the crackling energy between you -- you sparred with words and never got tired of being in each other's company.Yet your desire to mold your lover into someone else caused friction. And when your lover was challenged, they had a tendency to blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong moment. Then you got wounded and held a grudge. Couldn't you see that the whole cycle started with you? If you'd relaxed a bit, lived and let live, things would have cooled down. Your lover wouldn't have needed to rebel if you weren't always putting on the screws. You need to channel the generous, kind side of your nature and give your future partners a break.

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