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Jupiter quincunx Venus

Uncomfy Love

Kelli Fox

Everybody liked your lover. Your parents. Your friends.

Your coworkers. Everything seemed so right: You always had a great time whenever you were together. In fact, things went so smoothly between you that you were able to ignore the gaps for a while. But you woke up. The fact was that on the surface you were congenial and gracious, but underneath there were some serious disparities in your goals and values. You were more attuned to the intellectual side of things, politics and ideas and art, while your lover was the more the sensual hedonist type. Think about it: Didn't you make conversation more often than your lover, talking about humdrum matters to mask the realization that you didn't have an awful lot in common?Developing common interests was key to the survival of your relationship, if that was what you wanted. Taking up a hobby together. Dance lessons? A foreign language? A sport? Whatever it was, you needed something that would have consumed you both. With a little attention, you could have gotten things moving in the right direction again.

Jupiter quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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