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Jupiter quincunx Saturn

Solid, Dependable, Boring

Kelli Fox

You stumbled into the family den of relationships: What you had was solid, dependable, salt-of-the-earth -- and not a whole lot of fun. The problem lay in your mismatch of aims. Though you were ambitious in your own way, driven to travel, study, communicate with others, you didn't have the same 9-to-5 mentality that your sweetie did.

You bagged yourself a hard worker, and while that's great for stuff like paying the bills, it didn't leave a whole lot of room to throw everything up in the air and trot off to Paris for the weekend. You craved more excitement. You wanted more fun, more spontaneity. You complained to your friends that your lover was so sweet, but such a drag.But there were sides to the situation you weren't considering. What you had was stable and real, something that could have been lasting. You had the type of relationship that could have been a wonderful foundation to build a family upon. Whoever said one person should meet all of your needs? You could have kept your fun friends and your serious sweetie; there are many facets to you, and your lover helped you polish one of the most important. Take your newly faceted self and head back out into the dating field. You've got plenty to offer.

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