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Jupiter quincunx Neptune

Was An Addiction

Kelli Fox

You're usually the calm, cool, collected one who slides through life confidently, while those around you are knocked over by your magnetism and power. But something about your amour put you at a disadvantage. You felt almost as if you were addicted to the affection you got, particularly since you were not getting quite enough of it.

You always felt like your lover was holding out on you. You felt hungry, like you never got quite enough to eat. And worst of all, your lover seemed completely out to lunch, not seeing your issues at all.The answer to your conundrum lay in your past. Who in your history had a manner similar to your lover? Who taught you to beg for crumbs and scrabble for love? Think carefully, because solving this riddle could put you on an easier path for the rest of your life. Time to stop acting out old psychodramas from your past. Time to lay your ghosts to rest. If you had really wanted this to work -- or if future hookups have a chance to succeed -- you must manage to get past the whiny/begging pattern you're locked in. Lovers will find you a lot more attractive if you do.

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