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Jupiter quincunx Mercury

Mismatched Beliefs

Kelli Fox

Mismatched beliefs lay at the core of your first troubles, and things only got worse from there. It is likely that you spent the quite a bit of time on some type of quest -- travel? Something spiritual?

Advanced education? Your experiences changed you, broadened your perspectives. And suddenly your lover didn't seem to measure up. You felt like you could do better. And that secret thought seemed to add a negative energy to your pairing, playing a part in misunderstandings. Your lover, made nervous by these unconscious shifts, was apt to make big, startling decisions and say just the wrong thing to set you off. You needed to realize that though you made big changes, your lover was still the same person you met and adored. You should have left room in your personal growth curve for your sweetie. You couldn't expect your mate to keep up with the new you without coaching. Instead, you could have channeled your natural generosity and slowly, gently, ushered your mate into loving -- and living with -- the new you. One problem was that you didn't invite your lover into your life. The adjustment period would have yielded great rewards; if you'd only given it a try.

Jupiter quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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