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Jupiter quincunx Mars

Buyer's Remorse

Kelli Fox

Your lover's hotheadedness really ticked you off. But you knew what you were getting -- so why did you then develop buyer's remorse? You picked yourself a sweetie who was compellingly intense, but rather hard to take.

There was too much drama for your taste: arguments, fights, scenes. Other people may have told you they didn't like being around the pair of you, because your rivalry made them uncomfortable. You may have felt that you didn't have a lot in common, or that you had difficulty finding common ground. On the other hand, you and your lover proved the old saying: opposites do attract. When you weren't bickering and quibbling, the pair of you had a great time being involved together in intellectual, social, and charitable pursuits. You traveled well together, and enjoyed taking on projects with each other. So that's where you should have put your focus if you wanted this to work out -- on what you shared rather than what you lacked. You needed to get involved in something that interested both of you, and given it your all. Your differences would have evaporated if you could have stopped putting so much energy into noticing them. If you really couldn't get past the differences, then you are probably better off apart.

Jupiter quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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