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Jupiter quincunx Jupiter

Culture Clash

Kelli Fox

Why is it we hear the strains of 'Green Acres'? Something about the pair of you was as mismatched as the odd couple on the old television show. One of you was uptown, the other downtown, or it could be that you lacked a certain commonality of thinking -- perhaps you didn't share values?

Whatever the problem was, it caused a culture clash between you. One of you viewed the other as impractical and indulgent; one of you looked at the other as being conceited and megalomaniacal. Who was right? You both were, in a way. These qualities do exist in each of you, but in reality it was your reaction to them rather than the qualities themselves that created a disruption.The answer? Tolerance and gentleness. You needed to consider your sweetie's finer qualities: a quick mind, generosity, a certain largeness of spirit, and enough personality to fill a room with sparkle and fire. Such a smashing person was a rare find indeed -- it was silly to throw away all you had in a fit of pique. You needed to try to be more accepting of your partner's failings, and not play them up. If you had learned to treat your sweetie with kindness, you might have started a new trend. But then, it's never too late to start a trend, so amp up the kindness to everyone in your sphere of influence.

Jupiter quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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