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Jupiter opposite Pluto

The Baby and the Bath Water

Kelli Fox

Your love relationship was not always a comfy place to be. Both you and your sweetie seemed more interested in manipulating each other than in being in love. You raged and pouted.

Your partner slammed doors and withheld affection and reassurance. You drove each other absolutely crazy. You felt so frustrated that you chucked everything in the garbage -- but you shouldn't have been so quick to discard what you had built so far. Your lover was a challenging mate, to be sure. But that was exactly what kept you on your toes, and kept you coming back for more. Splitting when the going got rough only ensured that you will repeat the same patterns in your next relationship.What was needed was a dispassionate tallying up of the status of your relationship. What was working in your relationship? What was not? The ability to calmly take your connection's temperature was the first step to solving your problems. Did you find some issues that needed a little work? Great! You should have gotten going! Talked about what you both wanted.

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