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Jupiter opposite Neptune

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Kelli Fox

Your needle was stuck in a groove, and it drove you crazy. You had the same conversations over and over with your lover; the same fights, the same problems. Why couldn't you solve your issues and just move forward?

The answer lay within your past, and that of your lover. One or both of you may have a history of struggling with addictions or other unhealthy behavior patterns; in fact, you may have been struggling with those issues during the course of this relationship. Whatever it was that haunted your past was intruding in the now. Was it your tendency to choose partners and friends who were bad for you? Was there a failing in your lover's past you needed to forgive?There was something unhealthy at work here, and you didn't feel entirely in control. The very aspects of your mate that you once admired and enjoyed drove you away. You lost tolerance for your sweetie. You were impatient. You were stuck in a rut. If you had wanted your love to survive, what was needed between you was compromise. You would never have agreed on everything, nor would the ghosts of your past ever be put to rest. But if you could have stopped living life while looking in your rear view mirror, you would have been well placed to advance together.

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