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Jupiter opposite Jupiter

Too Much in Common

Kelli Fox

The pair of you had much in common, but sometimes that's not a good thing. The problems at the core of your relationship were bound up in trust and tolerance. Neither of you respected the other's viewpoints in matter of politics, values, your overall world views.

Worse, not only did you each believe you were in the right, you tried to convert the other to your way of thinking. Fights erupted, and you both said things you didn't mean. Finding it difficult to make peace, both of you blustered and roared, yet very little got really settled. Even when you managed to smooth things over, neither of you believed that things would get any better. And you were certainly not willing to work any harder than your partner was. But it didn't have to be all gloomy and fatal. Face it, you focused only on the negatives. There were actually many positive sides to your pairing. Each of you was clever and kindhearted, generous to a fault and loving. If you each could simply have learned how to give the other the benefit of the doubt and accepted that someone else's views were equally as perfect as your own, you'd have gotten along much better -- together and with those around you in general. It's something you can start on now!

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