Mars Retrograde

Kelli Fox

Mars turns retrograde in Aries @28 degrees on September 9th – November 13th.

Act As We Will

Warrior planet Mars is the ruler of Aries and finds his purest and most natural expression in this sign. With Mars in Aries, we are free to act as we will, to take a direct approach and to move towards our goals without over-thinking or getting emotionally involved. When Mars is retrograde, our ability to do all of these things is compromised or turned inwards. Our energy is contained and there may be a sense of inner tension. We may rebel against self-imposed restrictions or repressed desires and ideally we can use this time to become more aware of what we are repressing and what that means for our ability to be fully ourselves.


Mars describes how we assert our identity, express our passions and externalize our ego’s need to accomplish something tangible in the world. With Mars retrograde, all of these things may become more difficult. Normally Mars in Aries is the perfect time to start new projects, to make decisions and to move forward towards our goals. But retrograde energy asks us to review, to re-consider, to take our time. We may need to reassess our actions and rein in our enthusiasm. We may be rendered powerless or become aware of how we have made ourselves powerless.


During a retrograde period, we may find past experiences repeating themselves, giving us an opportunity to review our approach and perhaps make changes. We may find negative emotions and reactions rising up especially jealousy, resentment or rivalry in September and October when Mars makes challenging square aspects to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. All of these can make us defensive, jealous or even passive aggressive under a Mars retrograde phase, but they are also an opportunity. Projections like these can show us where we are thwarting our own natural impulses.

Being Held Back

Mars retrograde in Aries is about taking back our personal power, taking responsibility for the things that have hidden it from us and taking action to change them. Where are we suppressing our power and how can we express it more clearly? We may consider our energy levels and the way we generally focus our energy, perhaps coming to a new understanding of how or where we are holding back our natural dynamism, especially in October when Mars squares expansive Jupiter. Mars retrograde may be a period of coming to terms with the limits of our energy and power. It’s equally likely though that it may find us digging deep into our unconscious, where we may have buried the primal power of Ares, re-discovering the great reserves of power available to us and the passion to use them well. There may be a battle of wills, perhaps with someone we have seen as a rival, as we take back the power to be our own hero or heroine. The battle of wills may be internal, as we awaken what has long been buried and seek to integrate it more consciously into our being.

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