Mars Retrograde

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Mars Retrograde: June 26 – August 27

Mars, the planet of energy and action entered Aquarius, the sign of progress and rebellion on May 15th, 2018 and will go retrograde on June 26th. It immediately forms a T-square to Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio. It continues to move backwards into Capricorn on August 12th before going direct again on August 27th.

Friction, Self-Doubt and Anger

Mars retrograde hinders direct action; it’s a boiling pot with a lid on it. It causes frustration, self-doubt, and people turning their energy – and their anger – inward, at themselves and at those closest to them.

Lunar Eclipse conjunct Mars Retrograde

The stifled energy of Mars retrograde intensifies because it will be forming a conjunction to the intense Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on July 27th. This energy restricts reactions, emotions, and instinct. There’s not only no direct action, but no direct expression of feelings, either.

Venus oppose Mars Retrograde

At the time Mars turns retrograde, Venus will be at 15 degrees Leo and opposing the Mars retrograde. This creates an emotional tug-of-war but heightening sexuality, but not quite expressing it outwardly. There’s a desire to win others over, even against their will. When Venus goes retrograde on October 5th and will form a square to Mars, people will be keeping their frustrated feelings and disgruntled desires to themselves, or will be working on fulfilling them in secret. Love and hate are different sides to the same coin.

T-square with Venus, Mars Retrograde and Jupiter

Also on June 27th, Jupiter will be at 11 degrees Scorpio, squaring both Mars retrograde and Venus. Jupiter squaring Mars retrograde makes people foolishly optimistic, acting out in a brazen and glutinous manner, being obstinate and refusing to compromise. Moreover, Jupiter is the apex of a fixed T-square, fueling Mars and Venus, as they funnel their tension into the planet of excess, making those frustrations seem endless.

Grand Square!

Jupiter is also very widely opposed by Uranus in Taurus, creating a wide Grand Square with Venus and Mars. Uranus throws rebellion into the mix, giving everyone a sense that the best way to resolve these feelings of frustration and emotional instability are by not keeping an open mind via Jupiter and doubting all authority. Mars retrograde will be forming a square to Uranus for the entire month of August, when anything could happen yet won’t be known to the public until Mars goes direct again on August 27th.

Mercury Retrograde and Mars Retrograde

These aren’t the only planets magnifying the irritation of Mars retrograde, either. Mercury will turn retrograde in Leo on July 25th, making it more difficult to find a way to communicate the frustration or find others to commiserate with. Further still, Mars will turn retrograde close to the same degrees as both the 2018 Lunar Eclipses. This means that this retrograde is going to revisit the struggle between self-expression and humanitarian instincts that may have started for many of us around the end of January.

Mars Retrograde conjunct Pluto

On August 12th, when Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn and widely conjuncts Pluto, it raises ambition and power hunger, but not necessarily for noble reasons or acted out through noble means. This energy is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to get whatever it wants.

Patience and Perseverance

There is a silver lining to this fixed Mars retrograde, however, it forces us to have patience and persevere with our plans as much as we may want to throw in the towel. Mars retrograde presents the struggle and offers to be a gauge measuring our strength of will and determination. The message with this influence is to never give up no matter how hard the circumstances may be.

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