Mars in Taurus

Kelli Fox

Mars in Taurus: February 14th – March 31st

Slow and Steady

Under the influence of Mars in Taurus, slow and steady may be your motto. But like the tortoise who out-raced the hare, the amount of work you have the potential to accomplish could amaze everybody. You may find getting up in the morning, you may not be the fastest starter.


At this time, you will respond well to routine and once you get going will find yourself methodically plowing through a task, project, or to-do list. Physically, you’ll be strong and sturdy; in general, though you’ll have a rather plodding pace.

Getting Outdoors

Under this transit, take your exercise outdoors which will be extremely good for you. You may find that It’s easier to sit at home and be lazy, but you’ll feel much better if you get up and move around, and doing it outdoors will feed your soul as well as honoring your body. Gardening is a great activity when Mars is in Taurus.


You may also find yourself a lot more sensual than usual — that is, you’ll enjoy your senses. You’ll like exploring through touch and smell. You could fins yourself to be physically affectionate and enjoy cuddling and hugging and being close to the ones you love.

Romance and Passion

Under this influence, you could come on a little strong in the romance department, for your libido may overcome any shyness you have. In general, at this time, you enjoy being on the earth.

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