Mars in Aries

Kelli Fox

Mars in Aries: June 27 – January 6th. This is an extra long Mars cycles as it will turn retrograde at 28 degrees Aries on September 9th. It will turn direct at 15 degrees Aries on November 13th.

Mars turning retrograde will form a square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.


Under the influence of Mars in Aries, you may find yourself to be fearless. You could rush in where no one else will go, as much from the need to be first as from a particular devotion to a cause. You could be very impatient and in a hurry. You’ll like going at high rates of speed and will probably love the thrill of risky adventures.

Crashing Into Something

During this time, adrenaline will be your drug of choice. It’s not rocket science to figure out that sooner or later, you could crash into something, whether that’s figurative, literal, or both. For your own sake, wear protective gear — especially a helmet — when appropriate.

Competitive and Athletic

During this period, your head will be particularly vulnerable. Exercise will be a must. It will provide an outlet for physical and mental energy, and will keep your body in good shape. You may find yourself unusually competitive and athletic so games and sports such as baseball, golf, tennis and even boxing will be appealing.

Quick to Anger

Under this influence, your temper may cause problems. You or others could be quick to anger and may lash out before thinking. You won’t stay angry, but you could have regret later for things you could do in the heat of the moment. Getting a grip on your temper may be an important task for you at this time.

Mars Retrograde square Saturn

This can be a highly frustrating period when we feel too easily repressed, blocked and inhibited. Our energy and drive are diminished and we just don’t feel our usual pep or vitality. What’s worse, when we try to do something, it’s like we’re obstructed at every turn. Circumstances, events and other people seem to seem to unite or even conspire against us. It’s beyond annoying! Anger wells up inside, yet we’re unable to do anything effective about it. Feelings of rage and impotence quickly turn into bitter cynicism. As if this weren’t bad enough, we can even experience problems in our sex lives, even if that’s an area that usually flows smoothly. Any sort of authority figure annoys us now, too, even when they’re right — no, especially when they’re right. This whole scene can get very tiring very fast, and we may feel like giving up and going home in defeat. Well, sometimes that’s smarter than clinging blindly in dogged stubbornness.

Mars Retrograde square Pluto

This can be quite a doozy of a transit. Lots of unconscious power and rage issues are brought to the surface, like a big boil waiting to burst. And just like that tender flesh, we are hypersensitive. Hurt feelings quickly give way to rage. We have to develop a better way to deal with these emotions or they’ll become dangerous as we lash out at others or try to control them through use of force. The fact is, we can’t conceal our hidden aggression forever. If we don’t give it voice, it will pop out most unpleasantly. Unconscious ego drives can produce terrible behavior, including manipulation, covert actions or outright power grabs. We use a sledgehammer when a screwdriver would do. We’re willing to fight to the death over — what? Strange sexual urges can manifest now, too, because anger and passion are easily confused. And authority issues? Don’t even go there. Don’t mess with the powers-that-be right now. Just do what they say and remember, it will all be over soon.

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