Mars in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

Mars in Aquarius: November 8th – December 19th

Independence and Individuality

Under the influence of Mars in Aquarius, and depending on how this transit affects your birth chart, you may find yourself asserting your independence and individuality. You long to break free from other people’s expectations of you, and want to experiment with expressing more of your authentic self, taking the risk of letting your eccentricities show.

Non Compliance

You’ll probably hate being told what to do, and if you have any authority issues, they’re likely to appear now and could even get you into hot water.


Your rebellious impulses are most effective when you channel them into a volunteer project or humanitarian cause. If you can relax your insistence on doing things your own way, you can be an effective and inspiring team player. You’ll feel revitalized when you take action that benefits the collective and serves the greater good.


Under this influence, your energies are drawn toward the future, and you may have little patience for following traditions or doing things a certain way just because that’s how it’s always been done. You’ve got a gift for innovation, and could get flashes of brilliant ideas that seemingly come out of nowhere. Be sure to write down these inspirations before they disappear, and then take the risk of acting on them. Your mind could be buzzing and being physically active will help dispel some of the nervous tension and anxiety that can build up.

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