Mars in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

Mars in Aquarius – March 30th – May 12th.

Fairer, Progressive and Innovative

Mars is will and energy, the animus, and the sex drive. Aquarius is…none of these things. On one hand, Mars in Aquarius is the will and drive to be forward thinking and technology-minded. On the other hand, it could also mean a strong will that is both unique and shocking. This Mars fights with words and inventions rather than fists. When Mars enters Aquarius on May 15th, people generally feel a strong urge to make the world fairer and more progressive. Everyone should be free to do their own thing so long they don’t get in anyone else’s way. Mars in Aquarius should also motivate people to seek and accept technological or new solutions to old problems.

 Mars square Uranus is Volatile

Mars enters Aquarius the same day Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus is Mars’s planetary ruler when it’s in Aquarius, and on May 15th, they’ll be squaring each other. This is not a phase or an easing in, but a turbulent, brilliant moment when anything could happen. It could be spectacularly good or spectacularly bad, depending on which side you’re on or if you have any planets in the fixed signsTaurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. There’s a conflict between championing intelligence and inquiry over tradition and in either restoring or reinventing tradition by giving it a facelift.

 Mars turns Retrograde on June 26th

This Mars will progress like a bullet train going downhill until it goes retrograde on June 26th at 9 degrees Aquarius – close to the degree of the next Lunar Eclipse on July 27th. This retrograde Mars is a stubborn one, and instead of pushing through obstacles, it screeches to a halt, no longer pushing forward with eyes focused entirely on the future of all humankind, but on one’s own future, evolution, and place among others. It’s a good time to reflect on where one has gone and where one may be going before Mars goes direct again on August 27th.

 Retrograde Venus and Mars Square

October will be an especially intense time for Mars in Aquarius, when it will square the Venus retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio. This fixed sign square concentrates all its energy where it’s all-or-nothing in love and relationships, but also justice and fairness. This is a time where people feel compelled to right a big wrong because it can no longer be ignored. Mars in Aquarius promises a call to using ingenuity and inventiveness to create a unique solution. Anybody who wants things to remain business as usual are going to get zapped by Mars in Aquarius’s gamma ray gun.


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