Full Moon in Pisces

Kelli Fox

Full Moon in Pisces: September 13th @21 degrees

The Full Moon opposes Mercury, Venus, Mars, squares Jupiter, sextiles Saturn, conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto.

Compassion and Kindness

During the Pisces Full Moon, you begin to see evidence of profound change not only in yourself, but also among people who you’ve opened up to. Having made an effort to be more compassionate, you feel good about the way you’ve touched other people’s hearts. Compassion is often lacking when there is such a huge gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’ You are helping to close that gap with kindness.

Emotions and Sensitivity

You are probably more in touch with your feelings now than other times. Highly sensitive to the nuance of subtle gestures that reveal other people’s true emotional state, you are valued for your keen sense. Continue giving of yourself, for it is truly appreciated — and it does make a difference! In your personal relationships, your ability to be present with your feelings and your empathy make your interactions more meaningful.


Great joy can come from spending time with those you love. Romance is especially highlighted with this bright moon, so make sure to indulge in plenty of candlelight and kisses.

Psychic Visions

As the moon begins to wane, you might want to spend time alone in meditation, getting in touch with yourself on a deeper level than you usually make time for. You may have some marvelous psychic visions that can guide you in the future. Replenish your spirit for the next cycle ahead.

Full Moon opposite Mercury

Misunderstandings can easily occur during the brief period of this transit, for several reasons. Our perceptions are off right now, because we’re filtering information through our network of emotions, which means it won’t arrive at the other end of the process in the same condition that it went in. Communication and all forms of expression are emotionally tinged, both in the giving and the receiving. We think we know how other people feel, when actually we’re simply projecting our own emotions onto them. We may feel nervous and high-strung for no apparent reason. Happily, this influence will fade in a few short hours.

Full Moon opposite Venus

During the course of this brief transit, we might find that some people are oversensitive, taking offense where none was intended. There’s a strong tendency to project our feelings onto others, particularly those to whom we feel closest. Memories surface that inhibit our coming together with others, and unexpressed emotional content affects the way we see and relate to other people. Since creative energies are heightened at this time, perhaps the best course of action is to focus on that aspect and try to limit interpersonal contact until this influence is over.

Full Moon opposite Mars

For may people, this short monthly transit brings out their most sensitive and moody side. Many people become defensive and are easily wounded. Some may even pick fights with others, especially those closest to them, in overt power plays or emotional projections. Immature or reactive behavior can be evident. Because this energy often operates unconsciously, it often manifests as a blaming attitude; fortunately, any finger-pointing is probably short-lived. Tempers are often short and emotionally based confrontations are quite common. A better way to handle it is to take a brisk walk to discharge any excess energy.

Full Moon square Jupiter

It’s so very easy to overindulge during the short course of this transit. Any sense of self-limitation is thrown out the window and our judgment lapses. Emotions loom larger than normal. Overeating is a particular danger now, but it’s not the only one. Even generosity can turn sour if we give more than we have, or give carelessly. Extravagant purchases that we can ill afford, loud expressions of opinion and feeling superior or judgmental are all possible at this time. Now that we’re aware of it, we can make space for the little voice of reason for these few hours.

Full Moon sextile Saturn

The mood is somber and serious during this short transit, but not depressing. Most folks simply want to be left alone so they can get their work done without any type of interruption or distraction. We feel focused and committed to completing our responsibilities. There is a temporary sense of emotional restriction; that is, we may feel shy or otherwise reticent to express how we feel. This is an excellent time to do work in or on our homes and our personal lives, because we can see what needs to be fixed and we feel dedicated to accomplishing it. Endurance is good but by the end of the day, a restful sleep will sound very appealing.

Full Moon conjunct Neptune

Forget trying to work for the few hours that this transit lasts. Our minds will be off on a tropical island somewhere, while our bodies are still in the chair. Sweet memories infuse our consciousness and distant daydreams beckon on the horizons of our minds. If we’re not lost in a nostalgic recollection, we’re imagining our dream romance. The urge to escape everyday reality is almost irresistible right now, so why not give in? We all deserve a break once in a while, and the Moon is telling us that now is the time. Go to the cinema, listen to soothing music and connect with your inner self at the soul level.

Full Moon sextile Pluto

Our perceptions are noticeably sharpened under this brief transit and much can be perceived in a short amount of time. Our intuition is increased and our vision is keen. Powerful emotions can surface now, which are best discharged through exercise or processed in a heart-to-heart talk with someone close. Even if the feelings are unpleasant, we quickly move through them to find their source and illuminate it. Therapeutic progress is actually easy during this transit because we’re willing to look fearlessly inside and dig up the muck, which then becomes compost to enhance future personal growth.

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  1. Aldo Salmon on August 26, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Thanks, Kille Fox for this beautiful enlightenment and showing me the way. Truly finding My Spiritual Self.

  2. christin on August 26, 2018 at 2:37 am

    I think Kelli is awesome thank you

    • Kelli on August 26, 2018 at 10:38 am

      Thanks, Christin! You’ve made my day. I appreciate your kind words.

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