Full Moon in Pisces

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Full Moon in Pisces: 10 degrees on September 1st

The Full Moon sextiles Jupiter and Uranus and conjuncts Neptune.

Compassion and Kindness

During the Pisces Full Moon, you begin to see evidence of profound change not only in yourself, but also among people who you’ve opened up to. Having made an effort to be more compassionate, you feel good about the way you’ve touched other people’s hearts. Compassion is often lacking when there is such a huge gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’ You are helping to close that gap with kindness.

Emotions and Sensitivity

You are probably more in touch with your feelings now than other times. Highly sensitive to the nuance of subtle gestures that reveal other people’s true emotional state, you are valued for your keen sense. Continue giving of yourself, for it is truly appreciated — and it does make a difference! In your personal relationships, your ability to be present with your feelings and your empathy make your interactions more meaningful.


Great joy can come from spending time with those you love. Romance is especially highlighted with this bright moon, so make sure to indulge in plenty of candlelight and kisses.

Psychic Visions

As the moon begins to wane, you might want to spend time alone in meditation, getting in touch with yourself on a deeper level than you usually make time for. You may have some marvelous psychic visions that can guide you in the future. Replenish your spirit for the next cycle ahead.

Full Moon opposite Mercury

Misunderstandings can easily occur during the brief period of this transit, for several reasons. Our perceptions are off right now, because we’re filtering information through our network of emotions, which means it won’t arrive at the other end of the process in the same condition that it went in. Communication and all forms of expression are emotionally tinged, both in the giving and the receiving. We think we know how other people feel, when actually we’re simply projecting our own emotions onto them. We may feel nervous and high-strung for no apparent reason. Happily, this influence will fade in a few short hours.

Full Moon sextile Jupiter

During the short influence of this transit we feel happy, upbeat and optimistic for the future. People are kind to each other and extend offers of generosity and goodwill. With this kind of astro-weather going on, it’s pretty easy to reach out and make connections that are meaningful, even if they’re casual. The greater good of all comes into focus, exceeding personal satisfaction. This is a great time to dream about the future and what we want to see happen; the seeds sown now, in good faith, will bear fruit in times to come.

Full Moon sextile Uranus

It’s time to try something a little new, adventurous or even risky under this exciting, refreshing and all-too-brief transit. Time itself will seem to go a little bit faster, and when we check the clock we’ll be surprised to see how late it is. Animated chatter fills our ears. Phone calls and emails flow. There’s a buzz in the air. Now, don’t try anything too out-there. Wearing a new and daring outfit, taking a different route to work or trying out a new place for lunch — especially someplace new and trendy — should be enough to satisfy the urgings of this fun influence.

Full Moon conjunct Neptune

Forget trying to work for the few hours that this transit lasts. Our minds will be off on a tropical island somewhere, while our bodies are still in the chair. Sweet memories infuse our consciousness and distant daydreams beckon on the horizons of our minds. If we’re not lost in a nostalgic recollection, we’re imagining our dream romance. The urge to escape everyday reality is almost irresistible right now, so why not give in? We all deserve a break once in a while, and the Moon is telling us that now is the time. Go to the cinema, listen to soothing music and connect with your inner self at the soul level.

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