Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Supermoon in Leo: January 31st at 11 degrees Leo

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo involves Venus. The Sun and Venus are conjunct in Aquarius. Venus is opposite the Moon. The Sun and Moon are also forming a square to Jupiter.

The Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be Affected

Leo loves to be in the spotlight and eclipse everything around it, and literally, the Leo Supermoon will eclipse the Aquarius Sun on January 31st. The intense, sometimes sudden bursts of energy from this eclipse affects us all at a gut and emotional level, but will be especially felt by those with personal planets in the fixed signs, and especially by anyone with natal fixed planets or angles.

Dark or Hidden Desires

The preceding two eclipses in 2017 were also on the Leo/Aquarius axis. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs; they want what they want, and they want you to agree that they’re right. The theme of the Leo/Aquarius eclipses has been championing dark or hidden desires and deciding just who counts as “us,” as well as toppling sacred cows and demanding complete change.

Attention and Progress

Leo focuses on the self, and Aquarius focuses on the collective. Looking around the world, we have seen this polarity play out in a variety of ways, particularly the conflict in many places between nationalism and globalism. Leo loves attention and Aquarius loves progress, so expect to see more lights shining on corruption, bringing it out of the shadows.

The Involvement of Venus and Jupiter

Leo is always creative, and with the Sun conjunct Venus at 16 degrees Aquarius, it’s inspiration for art, beauty, and fairness. The Sun and Moon make a wide square to Jupiter at 21 degrees Scorpio. There may be some profound legal decisions around this time. We may not be sure if it’s best to stick to our own or to reach across the table…unless there’s money to be made.

Low Energy and Inverted Desire

Anyone with planets in the 8-12 degrees of the fixed signs will be hit hard when Mars goes retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius in June, lasting through the Northern Hemisphere summer. Mars retrograde tends to lower energy levels and cause unrealized desire to change the self. Venus also goes retrograde around 10 degrees Scorpio in early October through November, causing inverted desire and a closing and tightening of one’s social circle and deepening of relationships.  

Changes in Alliances

Anyone with planets between 8-12 fixed degrees will be especially affected by this Lunar Eclipse, and then with Mars retrograde in June, July and August, and Venus retrograde in October and November. Expect lowered libido that suddenly increases intensely, changes in relationships (particularly power struggles) and changes in alliances based on social values. When this happens, think about what’s best for you without seeking permission from others to be true to yourself.


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