Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Reaching our Destination

A Lunar Eclipse is a peak energy, a kind of supercharged Full Moon which brings the end of a chapter or phase, acting as a trigger point for an ongoing process of growth. With a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, we may find that our destination is finally in sight after a long journey. We may be manifesting a long-held goal, finally able to harvest the rewards of our hard work. Issues around religion and philosophy are likely to be highlighted by this eclipse, along with freedom of speech and of movement. Sagittarius is active both out in the world and also on an inner level, understanding that both levels of experience are necessary for true growth. There is a strong urge to know, to find meaning and to get at least a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Movement and Activity

The seeker energy of Sagittarius is always on the go, whether physically or mentally. As the sign of mutable fire, Sagittarius seeks movement and activity, expansion and growth. This is a sign hungry for experience so a Lunar Eclipse may bring drama and excitement, a flashpoint of energy which has been building for a while. Eclipses always bring an awareness of the interplay of light and shadow, so that what was in the dark may be illuminated and what was visible may fade into the background. Sagittarius tends to be trusting and optimistic and the Lunar Eclipse may expose where this optimism has been misguided or where unnecessary risks have been taken. Whilst the eclipse may bring the manifestation of a vision, it may also reveal where restlessness or distraction have caused us to lose sight of our goal.

A New Belief System

Lunar Eclipses tend to be experienced on an inner, emotional level and may not always manifest as external events in our lives. With an eclipse in Sagittarius, we may discover a new belief system or philosophy on life and begin to understand how it affects the way we live our lives. We may choose to actually put into practice ideas which have previously been a theory or ideal. The eclipse forms a tense square to Mars, compelling us to take action and assert our own truth, even if it means rocking the boat more than we’d like. The constricting force of Saturn is also active via a semi-square aspect, pushing us to manifest our truth rather than just talking about it.

Overcoming Restrictions

Eclipses happen in long cycles known as Saros cycles, each of which carries its own symbolism. This eclipse forms part of a Saros cycle which breaks through illusions and pushes us to overcome restrictions. We may misjudge our strengths and will need to draw on Sagittarian honesty and openness to be clear about our path ahead. Sagittarius energy tends to go as far as it possibly can, just because it can, leading to a risk of extremism or fanaticism. Ultimately, this Lunar Eclipse reveals where we are on our journey, where we want to go further and also how we fit into the broader pattern of life on earth.

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