Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Kelli Fox

Changes in Direction

A Lunar Eclipse brings a sense of completion, the culmination of a process which may have been going on for some time. Like a supercharged Full Moon, it acts as a trigger point for an ongoing journey. We may reach a new level of understanding of our path so far, causing us to make changes in direction or in the goal we are aiming for. A Lunar Eclipse is likely to bring inner changes as well as outer events although these inner changes may prompt us to make conscious shifts in our lives. Thoughts, ideas and communication are the defining energies of Gemini and this eclipse may bring a deeper awareness of the connections and exchanges we are making not only with the people around us but also within ourselves.


Issues around the media, how we communicate (or don’t) and also how we learn are likely to be highlighted by this eclipse. Education may be high on the agenda and we may find ourselves considering how and why, as well as what, we are learning. Gemini rules how information is organized and presented and new ways of doing this may be brought into the open. New information may be revealed or outdated ideas may fall away. Pluto, Lord of the underworld, makes a tense sesquiquadrate aspect to the moon (along with a semi-square to the sun), so that issues around power, who holds it and who wants it, may be coming to a head at the time of the eclipse. The transformative energy of Pluto is likely to take the sometimes superficial knowledge of Gemini much deeper, revealing the emotions and hidden motivations behind the words.


The duality of Gemini is likely to come across especially strongly at an eclipse, as eclipses tend to highlight the ebb and flow of light and darkness. We may find ourselves seeking balance or making a choice. If we’ve been procrastinating about making a decision, the Lunar Eclipse may force our hand, or perhaps bring new information which helps us. Gemini asks us to be adaptable and we may find that there are more possibilities open to us than we thought. As the sign of mutable air, Gemini thrives on change and is likely to welcome the wild card energy of an eclipse for the potential and possibility it brings. The manifestations of an eclipse can vary wildly, sometimes dramatic and sometimes less visible, and this is even more pronounced in a changeable sign like Gemini.


Eclipses form cycles over many decades, called Saros cycles, each of which carries its own symbolism. This eclipse forms part of a Saros cycle which highlights relationship energies and strong emotions, perhaps bringing a sense of fatedness or deep powers at work. Gemini always seeks to understand and we may find ourselves having some deep and serious conversations around the time of this eclipse, wanting to shed light on our own feelings and motivations as well as those of our loved ones. An eclipse acts as a kind of spotlight, revealing deeper layers of the interconnected web of life of which we are all a part.

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